Meet Afua!

Hi there! My name is Afua, but some of you may know me as The Frog Princess. I’m 21 years old and live in West Chester Ohio. I’m a student at Miami University and a Customer Service Representative at Fifth Third Bank. I was a nanny for 6 years before starting with Tomorrow’s Memories and in those 6 years I can not believe how much my love for children has grown. My favorite part of being The Frog Princess is telling the kids about what it’s like being turned into a frog!

Meet Ciarra!

Ciarra is a sophomore at Miami University. She is studying to get her bachelor’s degree in biology, with a focus in wildlife rehabilitation. In her free time she enjoys performing in community theatre. She loves working for Tomorrow’s Memories because she has fun getting in touch with different characters and getting to perform at events.


Meet Annie!

Growing up as the youngest of five children & having four nieces & two nephews I have been around the laughter of kids all my life! I have two of the cutest puppies ever (though I might be biased! Shhh!) I began character acting about three years ago when I saw the opportunity to do charity work could be mixed with the ability to bring joy to little ones in our area. I have worked on & off for a couple of years doing nannying work & volunteer work for those around me. I began working for Tomorrow’s Memories when I saw that I could continue character acting & bringing joy to kids of all ages! I am good friends with Snow White & I seem to know a little too much about her seven friends. Red lips & a yellow skirt make me feel right at home!

Meet Sam!

My name is Sam! I’m from northern Cincinnati and live in Lebanon, Oh with my six year old son. I’m a recent graduate from Miami University with a bachelors in environmental science, and currently a 4th-8th grade special education teacher. Before teaching I worked as a nanny, so I’ve always enjoyed working with children. Working at Tomorrow’s Memories has definitely been a new and exciting job for me. Getting to dress as a princess is a truly magical experience. I just love bringing happiness and joy to a child, which is why I love working as a princess.


Meet Hannah!

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am 19 years old! But some of you know me as the Wayfinder Princess.

I was raised in the Philippines which is an island in the Pacific Ocean. So, I love the sun and the ocean!

More background about me, I’m a middle child of three and the only girl in my family. My first job when I was a teenager was babysitting, which made me love children and have a special connection with them. Growing up, I wanted to go into the medical field to help people. So, when I attended Hamilton High School I took part in the Health Career program which got me my STNA license. With it, I got a job and went to different nursing homes to help the elderly. I was also a part of Hamilton’s Showchoir Rhapsody In Blue for 3 consecutive years. I received 8 best performer awards when going to many Showchoir competitions. I graduated honors in high school and was in the top 50 out of 200 in my class. After, I decided to take on a career in modeling. Now, I am a proud graduate of John Casablanca modeling and acting where I currently take part in photo shoots and fashion shows.

I am also happy to include that I am a proud princess of Tomorrow’s Memories! Where I am able to meet everyone and go to different places no matter how far it goes. Being able to put a smile on people’s face by being myself is a dream come true and with Tomorrow’s Memories that is possible.

Meet Abbey!

My name is Abbey and I graduated with a Paralegal degree from the University of a Cincinnati in 2014. Although the law is my daily profession, working for Tomorrow’s Memories is my passion. Seeing the look of joy on the children’s faces at events is my favorite thing. Bringing a little magic to the everyday is what Tomorrow’s Memories excels at. The company is full of wonderful people who love the characters and the events the same.


Meet Mary!

Hello, my name is Mary, and I’m from northern Kentucky where I live with my 8 year old son, Logan. I graduated from Saint Thomas Moore with a Bachelors in the Arts of Elementary Education. I love seeing the look on a childs face whenever they see their favorite princess walk in! My favorite part about working with Tomorrow’s Memories is getting to meet new children at every event and creating new magical moments for each of them.